Menino da terra.

Homem de Pau.

Cigano da Floresta.


    It was a night of frugal drums and stars.
    I walked thru the Forest in Bahia, I knew that it was a wild place.

    How many stories that I heard as a child about colossal snakes that swallowed cattle without the slightest effort. I walked a little further, forcing my mind to remember the reason that Ied me there, but nothing I could recall.

    It was then that I heard a sound coming from the sky, where no thunder had fall but a creature had yawled. What I saw then was a dense fog, dark and warm, I could only see a head, followed by a deafening roar.

    I could not tell if it was a snake a eagle or a man, It moved among the trees, hitting his wings in the air, showing a enormous body. The creature seemed to be greater than the heaven itself. My whole body was shouting: "run". But something kept me there, immobile, waiting for my destiny. The only thing I knew was that this moment was align with my life.

    I felt : "This is my end, I'm ready for it" - while restoring my courage and rising from the bottom of my heart I said:
    - Come beast, kill me!

    The Creature moved between the crown, his head came in front of my body, I felt the death in his breath, the burn of pure fire coming from his bowels. His enormous mouth opened and proclaimed:

    "Wake up kid, you still have work to do! "
    echoing a force in my bones,

    Estanislau Hostalácio was born.

    • October 2014

      Várzea Viva

      Aljezur - Portugal

    • Decemnber 2014

      Pedra do Sabiá

      Bahia - Brazil

    • February 2015

      Comunidade da Aldeia

      Bahia - Brazil

    • March 2015

      Borboleta Azul

      Bahia - Brazil

    • April 2015


      Bahia - Brazil

    • May 2015


      Berlin - Germany


    Searching for Warmness

    After waking up for more than 5 year and put my feet on a wood ground every morning, I took for the first time, time to contemplate this connection.

    I slowly start to work with wood, in a handcraft manner, getting in touch with the grain and learning the first steps of carving a wood spoon.
    My admiration just had grown - little by little - and now I have the feeling that is going to be buried with me, into the ground, in a wood box, or be burned like a tree on fire.

    Wood is a material available almost everywhere and highly resistant to bending and stress, and for the characteristics of living matter that retains with in it, in its veining, its warmth and color, something from the life of the tree that it was cut it out.
    And three is, among all the natural archetypes, one of the richest in significance, implicitly imbued with the aura of sacred.

    Together with the braise of ancient cultures, living ancient trees can still tell us a lot about the past. You can read all his history, reflecting all the struggle, affliction and victories.
    This frame still remains when contemplated. Beyond the touch, wood invite us to a warm time travelling.
    This characteristics put me in a journey to search for intimacy. Something that my body needs to understand with the contact of wood working. Something I expect to feel when I meet them alive again.

    Searching for warmness.
    Search into the process of discovering the warmness of life.

    “It starts where you say, for instance, that you’re standing with your feet onto the ground. If you walk consciously, rather than in an habitatual way, and as you walk concentrate in how you stand and walk on the ground, if you then perceive this and enact it consciously, you’ll already perceive warmness.”
    Joseph Beuys – What is art?

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